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Laravel has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks and has proven its superiority over other platforms. Its unique features are attributed to its popularity thus becoming a better choice for quite a number of businesses. Code Corners being a leading Laravel Web Development Company has also proven its superiority in working on Laravel over the years and has worked on more than 50 Laravel projects.

Our Laravel Services

Custom Web Development

Our team has a comprehensive knowledge in this rich PHP framework with the capabilities to build custom Laravel websites with unique designs and UX with high end functionalities.

Laravel Packages Development

We offer custom laravel extension development solutions with hands-on expertise in developing a feature-rich and dynamic extensions

Laravel Enterprise Solution

Laravel has the built-in capabilities that provides the required features, tools and integrations to develop the big scale enterprise solutions

Restful App Development

We have years of experience to develop and create restful solutions that can be integrated with third-party clients.

Laravel Migration Solutions

If you wish to migrate from existing web applications to Laravel so as to take advantages of the its high-end features, we offer Laravel Migration Solutions for the same

Theme Design and Integration

We ensure that your website looks unique and therefore we integrate Laravel themes that best suits your business

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Why Laravel?

Voted the best in 2016

Some of the reasons it was rated the best among other platforms are its security, customization, MVC support, cost-effective, expandable and faster development time.

Fast Loading Time

The websites made using Laravel comparatively has a lesser load time, hence resulting in high performance and user retention on the site along with sales conversion.

A secure framework

With Laravel, users are sure of data’s security when using websites due to its expressive syntax. In fact, it is helpful in creating more adaptable and customizable website with inbuilt tools.

Template based structure

Laravel provides Blade which is a powerful yet simple template structure. The user does not face any restrictions for using plain PHP code in their views.


What are the business benefits of Laravel?

Some of the benefits of using Laravel are:
– Fast development time
– Low server overhead
– Easy to learn
– Large and active developer community
– Security

Is Laravel good for my business?

Undoubtedly, it is the best framework for creating enterprise-level apps with robust security features. The mail integration option that it has is one of the most alluring features that business houses like because it facilitates brand communication.The automated testing feature is yet another plus point of this framework that helps the developers in creating bug-free apps for better performance. In a nutshell, this framework has the immense capability but you need to find the right Laravel web development company that can create solid web apps for you.That means you have to have an organization like us that specializes in creating the best apps using this framework. Note; you should never think beyond a specialized organization.

When and why is Laravel preferred over other PHP frameworks?

PHP is a very dynamic language but since the arrival of Laravel, it has become more powerful, faster and simpler. Also, it makes simpler modern web application development by providing robust features like Inbuilt Object-Oriented Libraries, Clarity in Documentation and MVC Pattern, Unit Testing, High-End Authentication and Authorization, caching and Blade template engine. Laravel scores over other web frameworks due to its advanced features and development tools.


The whole process, they made it so easy and extremely pleasant. All the work was very structured, clear and logical. Everything was delivered efficiently, planned and on time. The whole experience far exceeded our expectations.

CEO of Friendly Dog Collars – Jenny

I engaged Code Corners several weeks ago for a project and was so impressed that I finally found someone I trusted that I have them working on my several projects, installation and set up of various apps.

ConvertKit Assistant – Amy

Everything was delivered efficiently, planned. Quick response, easy to work with and knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend.

DPlugLabs – Nathan